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Marriage to Self

When we are taught from a young age that we are to care for others

over ourselves,

When we are shown from youth that others matter

and our voices don't,

When we are urged to numb our desires

and instead seek approval, or to be quiet, or to be ashamed,

We are divorced from the Divine.

Marriage to Self is a choice. Do you choose

everyday to know yourself, to honor

your desires, your intuition, your dreams?

Do you choose to hold your belly in your hands, tenderly

with a swelling depth of love

and compassion

and acceptance?

Do you choose your Self over your work,

over your relationships,

over your very motherhood,

over your roles and hats and names?

Choose yourself and you are choosing presence over pain,

honor over ego,

love over apathy.

Choose yourself and the Divine's power will infuse you

with the gorgeousness of a softly painted sunset,

the insistent crickets at dusk,

the mud squishing between eager toes,

ready, poised.

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