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Stories as Sacred

Connection with others is based on story. Think about it-when in your life do you feel most connected to the closest in your life? It is when you are fully present, making memories, creating stories that are taken in deeply and will be shared someday.

When do you feel most connected to strangers? It is often when we come together for the greater good-when a group of people help after a fender bender is blocking traffic. When we help the older lady bring her groceries to the car. When we are in a sports stadium, rooting for the same team. We are creating stories in these places, stories that uphold our values.

We all want to feel connected to our loved ones, to others, and to ourselves. It is the greatest difficulty in this generation of disconnection and discord, where screens take the place of genuine engagement and we are left listless and wondering why.

Without stories, we are a lost people.

We, a people who shared our stories in front of the fire, lighting our connections with each other flame by flame, word by word. We, a people who when we acknowledge our individual stories in the safety of a group, are lifted up and strengthened. We, a people who are able to support others and change lives with just the cost of gentle, compassionate listening.

When we share stories, peace is possible.

When we share stories, we come home to ourselves.

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