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The Case of the Unspoken Story

Today is my baby's 6th birthday. Six years ago I experienced both trauma and joy, both elation and pain. It was a birth that had such dichotomous feelings, I reeled from it for months. It wasn't until I began to tell my story, through writing and sharing, that I was able to understand what happened, and eventually, heal from it.

When I work with women who suffer from peri-partum mental health issues, it is often a case of the unspoken story. They haven't yet had a chance to put words to understand, to process, all that happened--often out of their control,

I can relate to the difficulty of putting into words to the bittersweet, complicated emotions of a difficult or traumatic birth. Our English language leaves us wanting when it comes to a description of holding pain, grief, and joy in one moment. The fact we don't have language for this made it ever more difficult for women to process these profound events in their lives.

When we put words to our experiences, when we name our emotions, our losses, our pain or joys, we are owning them.

When we own our emotions, we are more able to understand them.

And when we understand them, we are more able to move past them towards a greater understanding and insight.

When we are insightful, can we not step into our power, and change the world?

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