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Kids' Voices, Kids' Stories: Lenten Lessons


Both classic and modern stories weave through this Lenten series, focusing on themes of peace, justice, and love.
The children use the art of writing to create their own stories
and bind them together in their book at the culminating Easter lesson.


Mary Leading Us Through Lent:
A Sacred Journey

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This is a six-week worship series that reflects on the diverse traits of Mary through the use of ancient iconography. It focuses on themes such as processing grief through Our Lady of Sorrows and making difficult decisions through Our Lady Untier of Knots. Using imagery helps highlight scriptural references from the Old and New Testaments and provides a rich experience through meditation, poetry, and song.


We Are Spiritual Seekers: Lessons Through the Sound of Music

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This four-week sermon series reflects on themes in the musical The Sound of Music. It incorporates both New and Old Testament readings to highlight important concepts such as Seeking Trust, Forgiveness, Love and Freedom. It utilizes songs and story from the musical as well as time for children, poetry, and a “Member Moment” in which individuals share their own connection to the theme.


Sacred Planting: Earth Wisdom Through the Book of Exodus

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This worship series reflects on the earthly wisdom found in the mythological stories in the Book of Exodus. Through the use of imagery and tying it to these ancient stories, we find new perspectives on how we can live a life filled with joyous intent as we cultivate the gardens of our faith.


A Journey with the Cosmic Christ

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This worship series utilizes New Testament teachings in the Pauline letters and juxtaposes them with astronomical and cosmological principles in order to help people gain both a concrete as well as universal perspective on the Sacred.

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